• "Nature's Gift to Golfers"
1st Mor a Manaw
  • Distance 340yds,
  • Par 4,
  • Stroke index 9

As you prepare to drive don’t be distracted by the glorious views or the gaze of fellow golfers in the clubhouse which overlooks the first tee because the gently rising fairway has out-of-bounds along its entire right side. Even the best of drives requires a perfect approach to a plateau green 20 feet up to get your par.

2nd Clawdd Terfyn
  • Distance 392yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 3

A blind tee shot where a perfect drive should carry your ball to the right side of the fairway thus avoiding the hillock in the middle – but beware the out-of-bounds encroaching from the right. Then a good view of the flag awaits you for an approach to an elongated green protected by mounds and a single grass bunker.

3rd Lle Mynno'r Gwynt
  • Distance 220yds
  • Par 3
  • Stroke index 11

A challenging hole off the back tee especially into the wind, over a small ravine to a bowl shaped green, where accuracy with the correct choice of club pays dividends. Better to be short than too long where James Braid’s gorse awaits the over-hit shot.

4th Llechog
  • Distance 383yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 7

A most pleasant drive from a high tee with the hole stretching out below you and distant views of the peaks of Snowdonia. Open your shoulders and let rip and if you hit the fairway you may be rewarded with a glorious shot. The challenge lies in the approach to the plateau green where a high flyer with a mid to short iron is required to stay on the putting surface protected by steep slopes.

5th Eilian
  • Distance 175yds
  • Par 3
  • Stroke index 13

A tantalising hole. Aim your shot to the right of the flag and if you clear the mound that protects the front right your ball might run down close to the pin as the green slopes from front to back. Play it well and a 2 becomes a distinct possibility.

6th Llam Y Carw
  • Distance 310yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 17

A short par four with the fairway on three levels. A good drive over the valley to the second level leaves a blind second from where you will need to lift the ball over a small hillock to the green guarded by a deep bunker. Well worth walking forward first to check the pin position as this is a definite birdie opportunity.

7th Mynydd Parys
  • Distance 426yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 1

The most difficult hole on the course as indicated by the stroke index where a par is always a good score. You drive downhill over the marker post set on the edge of a cliff to the fairway below. Then you must play a long or mid iron uphill past an old stone building to a green that is well protected by a single bunker and slopes.

8th Y Garreg Fawr
  • Distance 475yds
  • Par 5
  • Stroke index 15

Another drive from height with a fairway sloping downwards but bear left – a slice may mean a return visit to the tee. A good drive for the big hitter will put the green within range on this par 5 with a long uphill shot, otherwise play short of the deep bunker protecting the approach to the green and then pitch on in regulation.

9th Dyffryn
  • Distance 347yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 5

One of the most sporting holes you’ll ever encounter where you try to drive into a deep valley that cuts diagonally from left to right across the fairway followed by an approach to a green high above you. The elongated putting surface slopes steeply from back to front and is protected by one small greenside pot bunker. Definitely better to try to leave yourself with an uphill put!

10th Pant
  • Distance 195yds
  • Par 3
  • Stroke index 10

A beautiful short hole. Once again played from on high down to a cunningly designed two-tier Mackenzie type green well guarded. The ample target area of the lower tier often yields a birdie but if played off the white tee to a pin on the upper tier then a bogey or worse can easily follow.

11th Nebo
  • Distance 505yds
  • Par 5
  • Stroke index 6

A long roller-coaster of a hole which tempts the big hitter to risk all and go for the green in two to set up a birdie chance. High risk – high reward, but a misjudgement can lead to disaster! The generous fairway narrows at 250 yards then rolls over another hill to a valley short of a small undulating green raised on a plateau.

12th Bryn Teg
  • Distance 197yds
  • Par 3
  • Stroke index 14

A pleasant, sheltered hole at the lowest point of the course. The brave will aim their tee shots to the right, flirting with a bank covered in dense gorse, to allow for the sloping fairway and green which runs down from right to left, with a single bunker on the left of the green to catch those of a more timid persuasion.

13th Cae Syr Rhys
  • Distance 317yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 16

A gentle uphill dog-leg right to left to another two tier green defended by bunker and grass mounds. The safe shot is to play to the corner of the dog-leg followed by a blind second but the further one can drive the easier the second shot as more of the green comes into view allowing one to attack the pin and set up a birdie opportunity.

14th Parciau Hills
  • Distance 425yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 4

This hole dog-legs right to left, first down then up again to green full of subtle borrows. A classic hole that offers the golfer choices of course management. Take on the dog-leg and a mighty drive is rewarded with a short pitch to the green. Play safe down into the valley and you are faced with a mid-iron up the hill.

15th Cae'r Ffynnon
  • Distance 486yds
  • Par 5
  • Stroke index 12

There are superb vistas all around from this tee set high on a rocky outcrop but the best view is of the hole itself as it meanders away below you to the distant green. A good drive is to the left of the fairway as out-of-bounds lies to the right to catch the errant shot. Then try to reach the next level of fairway with your second so that you can see the long sloping green before you.

16th Yr Ynys
  • Distance 174yds
  • Par 3
  • Stroke index 18

Another example of Herbert Fowler’s genius as he created a short hole which rewards accuracy and not length. However don’t be short as the slope in front of the raised green will gather your ball into the single bunker that defends this hole. Drive to the left of this bunker and watch your ball run on to the sloping putting surface.

17th Machlud
  • Distance 433yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 2

A double dog-leg unless you’re a prodigious hitter which is what you need to be to get a par in regulation. With numerous gorse bushes guarding the right side of the fairway and often played into a prevailing wind, even the professionals are faced with a daunting drive unless they play safe and follow the fairway. To the left of the green is one of Fowler’s original grass bunkers.

18th Teg Edrych
  • Distance 446yds
  • Par 4
  • Stroke index 8

A gem of a hole to finish a gem of a course. This closing hole has everything. The highest tee on the course, stunning 360 degree views, the fairway descending gently before you to the distant green set as in all great courses in front of the welcoming clubhouse. As the sun sets over the Irish Sea the tinkle of glasses and convivial banter of your fellow golfers gathered on the balcony overlooking the green urge you onwards, only to fall to an appreciative hush as you sink your final putt.